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Expert guidance and counsel to identify core issues that prevent harmony between couples and family members.  You will master communication skills and gain tools to effectively address your challenges. We partner with you to achieve your goals, encourage you, provide counsel and hold accountable all who are involved. This powerful in-home process has brought healing to thousands of individuals and families.  Save My Family Today is passionate about creating change and empowering individuals.  

Your Team

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

In-Home Teen, Adult Children and Family Coach

Qualifications: B.S., M.S., P.P.S., A.C.S., C.P.L.C.

Lisa has almost 20 years of experience and has completed over 2,000 home visits while working with families, adult children  and teens. She has been an expert guest on the radio as well as an honored guest speaker at the National Charity League, OC Gifted, Fusion Academy and other organizations. Lisa was also a consultant to the Puyallup School District in Washington State.

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Lisa Strong

Lisa Strong

In-Home Couples, Parents and Young Children’s Coach

Qualifications: B.A., M.A., C.P.L.C., A.C.C.

Lisa Strong is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and has more than 14 years of experience working with couples and families, both, on a personal and professional level. She is caring and has knowledge in working with those who are struggling with and wanting to overcome challenges in their lives and change the direction of their path. 

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International Coach Federation



Resolve conflict and rebuild relationships with adult children, blended families and estranged family members


Reduce frustration, learn effective communication techniques and productive ways of approaching the issues at hand


Unite as a team, learn new ideas, establish boundaries and expectations through consistency and communication

Families with young children

Receive support, resolve conflict and learn how to implement structure, set boundaries and create a loving home


Master effective communication, resolve conflict, establish connection and emotional intimacy

In-Home Coaching vs. Therapy

In Home Coaching is powerful and brings results. Unlike therapy, the coaching process is action based and delivers specific, hands on tools tailored for each family and couple. An expert Certified Professional Life Coach helps the client realize what they want in their life (a closer family, emotional intimacy, less stress and anxiety, better communication, less sibling rivalry, achieving balance, etc.) and then what steps need to be taken to make that happen. While we will look back at the past, we will quickly turn our attention to the present and how to move forward to a healthy future. This is all done in the comfort and safety of your own home.


“Lisa was wonderful.  My young son was having troubles in school and acting out.  We didn’t know what to do.  She helped him greatly and gave us as parents the tools we needed to help him.  She really understands families, and her coming to our home made it a very comfortable environment for all of us.  I would highly recommend her!”

DawnHuntington Beach, CA

“I cannot say enough in praise of Lisa’s approach.  She immediately picked up on dynamic in our marriage.  She has helped us with communicating difficult emotions and  subjects.  She helps to change unproductive/harmful thinking, attitudes and behaviors in favor of positive actions which are each small steps toward necessary change.  Lisa sincerely wants to help her clients get to a better place in their lives and relationships.”

GwenLake Forest, CA

“Lisa was my last resort with my teenager. I was desperate and she came along side our family and help navigate and gave us the tools to parent our daughter when we felt hopeless. I can truly say that she was our angel and now being on the other side of the fence..she was a lifesaver. Our daughter is doing amazing. We had to make changes and work hard but we are so glad we made that call.”

KarlaNewport Beach, CA

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